6500Watts CX6500 Product Photo and Specification

Issuing time:2020-01-20 10:01

Product Photo:

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Model: CX6500 6500Wx1CH
Output circuitry:Class D
Output power(RMS,≤1% THD + N@0.5 ohms):NA
Output power(RMS,≤1% THD + N@1 ohms):6500W
Output power(RMS,≤1% THD + N@2 ohms):4300W
Output power(RMS,≤1% THD + N@4 ohms):2800W
Signal-to-noise (@ 1W):>90dB
Maximum power:6500W
Signal Inputs:RCA
Distortion (SMPTE-IM):NA
Amplifier Protection:YES
Input Sensitivity :0.2V-5V
Dimensions (L x W x H):228X502X104mm

6500W RMS Class-D amplifier.
1 ohm load stable.
Double Side PCB and SMD components.
Adjustable Input level, LPF, Subsonic, bass boost level, bass boost frequency, Q control.
Advanced short circuit, overload, over heat, over/low voltage protection.
Advanced clip limit / thermal power limit function.
Optional remote controller.

All the specs were tested with following condition unless noted.
1. Power supply: 14.4V DC power supply
2. Test signal: 80Hz sine wave.
3. Loads: Resistor dummy load.
4. Environment: 25 degree C, open air.
5. Relative humidity: 70%.
6. Instrument: Audio Precision SYS-2322A.

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