How to install a car amplifier diagram: power class d amplifier X6500

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How to install a car amplifier diagram? Let's go through details from model X6500, the class D power amplifier 6500W:

A. Output power performance:


RMS power


RMS power







All the specs were tested with following condition unless noted.

1. Power supply: 14.4V DC power supply

2. Test signal: 80Hz sine wave.

3. Loads: Resistor dummy load.

4. Environment: 25 degree C, open air.

5. Relative humidity: 70%.

6. Instrument: Audio Precision SYS-2322A.

B. Class d power amplifier X6500 support 4 subwoofer wiring or signal subwoofer wiring:

X6500 1.pngX6500 2.png

C. Configuration

1 Speaker connection

2 +12V Battery Terminal


The +12 Volt power cable must be connected with a fuse in line near the battery+ terminal.Connect your speakers correctly which means plus to plus and minus to minus. Never

connect speaker cables with chassis ground directly. It may destroy your amplifier. We

recommend AWG 8-10# speaker cable. The two plus units and two minus units are

connected inside amplifier. Remote terminal. The remote cable must be connected with source unit remote terminal then amplifier will switch on and off automatically with source unit. If there are two or more amplifiers connected to this terminal it might be necessary to add an additionalrelay.


5 Gain

6 RCA audio-input

Filter out high frequency from 40Hz to 220 Hz that the woofer can`t play. Adjust this

knob to match the woofer`s frequency response.

Chassis ground terminal. The chassis ground cable must be connected very tight on a

nearby massive and electric conductive place. Please connect chassis ground near

amplifier with same gauge as power cable. These RCA audio-inputs connect with your source unit RCA outputs. Please use car audio RCA cables, otherwise it may be disturbed. Keep these cables as short as possible. To avoid disturbances from your car electronics, please don`t close the existing car cables when you install the RCA cables.

7 Remote Volume Control ( Optional )

8 LPF( Low Pass Filter)

When using the remote volume control you can adjust volume in the driver seat conveniently. Gain control regulates the sensitivity of amplifier to match the signal output voltage of your source unit. The gain control is not a volume adjustment. Use high quality CD music and increase the volume of your source unit to 75%. Position the gain at the minimum and then increase gain slowly (clockwise) .Stop at the first sign of distortion, then lower the gain a little (counter clockwise) to achieve clear undistorted music at the maximum level.


It is the opposite of the LPF. It can filter out unwanted low frequency from 10Hz (OFF) to

50Hz. This function will increase the power handling of your woofers.


This knob controls the boosted center frequency. The frequency can be adjusted from

30Hz to 80Hz according the specification of your car audio system. (Eg. When you adjust this knob to 50Hz, amplifier can boost the frequency around 50Hz.) This function should be adjusted along with   bassboost level and Q control.

D. X6500 car audio amplifier, POWER CLASS D Amp.

X6500 1.jpgX6500 2.jpg

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